Dr Mick Pope will launch new book at The Justice Conference

Dr Mick Pope will launch his new book All Things New: God's plan to renew our world at the upcoming Justice Conference, in Melbourne from 26-27 October 2018. It is a refreshing read filled with hope of the redemption of our future and the world in which we live 🌏

Dr Mick Pope is a meteorologist and a Professor of Environmental Mission at Missional University with degrees in mathematics, physics, theology and meteorology. Mick is also a member of the Centre for Research in Religion and Social Policy, an ecotheologian with Ethos and speaks in churches about climate change and creation care.

Also the author of A Climate of Justice: Loving your Neighbour in a Warming World, Dr Pope takes the reader on a bold theological journey arguing that the good world we live is not destined for destruction but rather ultimate renewal. God is calling us to understand the state of our world theologically, to speak and act prophetically and to live hopefully.

The Justice Conference

26-27 October 2018